I don’t know whether it was the anonymous email I got from someone at Apple, or the fact that my article was backlinked by some well-known people, whether it was the “friend of a friend” at Apple, or whether it was the email I sent to Steve Jobs himself. Whatever it was, one thing’s clear: When Apple decide to move, they can move fast.

And just like that, all my Powerbook problems have been resolved, far beyond my expected satisfaction.

Once again, I’m a big-time Apple fan. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Apple(Does)Care!”

  1. Hi Matt – this is awesome news. I’m really glad to hear that your insane experience was rectified appropriately. Hopefully by this time tomorrow (my MBP’s expected return date), I’ll be singing the same happy tune!

  2. Hmmm, since Matt hasn’t elaborated on how his troubles were eventually solved I suspect there is some sort of non-disclosure agreement involved… Apple seems to care only when ‘celebrities’ expose their “we don’t care” attitude in Europe.

    (I know because I’m working for an Apple Authorised Reseller in the Netherlands and have to deal with stories like Matt’s almost on a daily basis. Even in that capacity we rarely get the right response from Apple.)

    A word of advise from a simple guy: better improve the customer support experience soon. When the mainstream media get wind of this it will be too late. Then Apple will have a PR catastrofe on it’s hands which will bare similarity to what Microsoft is experiencing in relation to the security of the Windows OS.

  3. All of the Major companies seem to be on the slow side when it comes to service under warranty. I own Macs and PC’s ,I do most of My own software and Hardware repair. Its the only sure way.


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