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Month: June 2011

RaceSplitter in the sport of Trail Running

BEFORE NOW, THE CHOICES AVAILABLE to organizers of trail running events for the timing of their races were:

  1. Expensive — Contracting a professional chip-timing service, the cost of which can easily exceed 1,000€.
  2. Painful — Manually recording times, using a stopwatch and paper, or typing into an Excel spreadsheet on a laptop.

An exciting new option exists that costs a fraction of a professional service, is convenient and easy to use, yet provides high quality, reliable results.

A message from Rand Paul (or, what pisses me off about the conservatives)

How to best organize a society is certainly an area in which I’m hardly qualified to offer opinions. That said, having studied economics for a couple of years, what I’ve heard that makes most sense to me are the free-market, small government ideas of Milton Friedman. For that reason, I tend to gravitate towards conservative political candidates like Ron Paul.

The thing that most bothers me about the conservatives, however, is that they seem to assume their “market” is composed of uneducated dimwits, and as such, the best communications strategy is to speak to them as simpletons attending a Saturday-night Baptist revival.