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Month: July 2011

The biology of productivity?

I’ve been reading the book, “Why we get fat” by Gary Taubes. If you’re interested in understanding the relationship between eating and getting fat, then you *must* read the book. It could change your life.

The revelation of the book is that some common dietary beliefs are, as demonstrated by science & biology, *complete inverted*. And that got me thinking about possible parallels in other areas, such as productivity.

Translating Intuit's corporate speak about Quicken's compatibility with OS X 10.7 Lion

Having tracked my personal finances and investment transactions in Quicken for Mac since around 1992, I was keenly interested in an email from Intuit, with the subject, “Is Quicken compatible with Mac OS 10.7 Lion?”

Coming from a company who’s major product upgrades over the past years have included new features along the lines of, “Enhanced Toolbar Icons”, and “Includes free copy of Stuffit Expander”, my hopes weren’t high.

And it’s a good thing they weren’t. The email pointed to [this page]( of insulting corporate speak.

I’ll do you the favor, and translate it here to plain English.