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Junk mail mystery — Nearly every message in is being marked as spam

05 May 2014

As I wrote about in the past, I host my email on a Mac mini with OS X Server, and on which I run and SpamSieve together to provide a server-side spam filtering and rules-processing solution. While this setup works great for remote spam filtering and management, it is somehow causing a separate, irritating and confusing problem.Right now, here’s what my inbox looks in running locally on my MacBook Air:

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Arbitrary scheduling in Keyboard Maestro

02 May 2014

This morning I was trying to create a Keyboard Maestro macro to automatically send an email to my team members on the last day of each month. I got stymied when I realized the the time schedule trigger is basically limited to “Daily at a certain time”.

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Hilarious co-host rambling on the Cubed Podcast

19 March 2014

Remember those funny videos of people like George Bush or Dan Quayle incoherently rambling on about something? You know, the ones that make you cry, “What the hell is he saying!?!” Well, I’m frequently reminded of those when I listen to the Cubed Podcast.

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Tracking LendingClub investment performance in Quicken or iBank

18 March 2014

This article describes how I track and reconcile my LendingClub investments, using the iBank personal finance software. This method should be equally valid for people using Quicken.In iBank, I set up my LendingClub account as if it were a brokerage account in which I’m purchasing securities; in this case, I’m purchasing a security I’ve named LendingClub (equivalent to a stock, e.g. AAPL). From there, tracking the investment simply involves mapping line items from the LendingClub statements to concepts normally involved in securities investment tracking, through the process of monthly reconciliation.

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