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Credit card statement design

04 December 2012

American Express is a 62 billion dollar company. You'd hope a company that size could hire some designers who've at least learned the basics. But judging from the look of their statements, that wouldn't seem to be the case.

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Drive Slowly

20 November 2012

When you consider the risks involved in driving fast and the small amount of time actually saved, it's pretty obvious that it's not a smart tradeoff!

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Awful design at Skype

04 November 2012

As Skype has evolved over the years, I've the impression they've hired a bunch of visual designers, and told them...

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The Four-Percent Rule

22 October 2012

In Money for Something, we talk about viewing wealth in terms of the income it can generate. This handy rule can also be used in reverse!

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The Wealth of Statesmen

19 October 2012

I ran across an info-graphic visually demonstrating how much less Mitt Romney pays in taxes, as a percentage of his income. It's very deceptive. Can you figure out why?

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