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Category: Technology

Photo management — from Aperture to a file system and Everpix

Update — Since writing this article, Everpix has gone out of business, and I’ve moved to Apple’s iCloud Photo Library ecosystem.

I recently migrated my photo management workflow from one based on Aperture, to one based on a file system and the online service, Everpix. This article describes the whys and hows.

Switched to Parallels and then back to VMWare

Update: Since publishing this article, VMWare reached out and resolved the situation in a way that made me very happy. Be sure to see the details about that at the end of the article.

In March of this year (2013), some colleagues of mine in Berlin called to ask if I could purchase a copy of VMWare Fusion for Mac for them, because the VMWare website would not allow them to purchase the software. Each time they’d try to make the purchase, they’d get an “authorization failed” error.

iCloud syncing of Mail rules

I have a personal account setup on three different Macs—my own MacBook Air, an iMac that serves as our home server and the kid’s mini. In my account on the iMac, I had Mail running with an elaborate set of rules, including those related to [spam handling](/2012/08/11/running-your-own-server-side-spam-filter-with-spamsieve/).

This morning, I woke up to discover loads of unfiltered messages in Mail on my iPhone. I checked the rules panel in Mail on the iMac and discovered _all my custom rules were gone_.

How to upload Skitch images to Amazon S3 using Dropzone

Like many people, I’ve long used Skitch to snap, annotate and share screenshots. Sharing involves Skitch uploading the image somewhere, and putting the destination URL on the clipboard for your immediate use.

In addition to, the original product allowed you to specify other upload destinations, including your own FTP or SFTP server. And over time, they added other upload options like WebDAV and Flickr.