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Category: Tidbits

Tidbits — fleeting ideas, quotes and thoughts

Selling in Spain

Having a stash of used Apple equipment to sell — including a Mac Pro, MacBook, two 24″ Cinema Displays and a 23″ Cinema Display — I took an ad out on the Spanish “” website. And, oh boy has it been an “experience”.

So far, I have had no less than *four* exchanges like this one.

Launch of

Javier Diaz Carretero, of Andalucia, is one of Spain’s top marathon, half-marathon and cross-country runners. He’s also role model for those willing to take risks in order to follow their passion. Makalu decided to become the exclusive sponsor of Javier in his 2010 season, during which he’ll attempt to become the Spanish national champion, for the second time, in the marathon event. As part of that sponsorship package, we recently designed and launched his personal website.

Spanish quality

When possible, I try to spend my money in the local economy. For that reason, I decided to try buying my nutritional supplements from a Spanish provider — — instead of the UK provider I habitually use. (You’d think it’d be cheaper to order in Spain, but it’s not; even including shipping from England to Spain, it’s cheaper to buy in the United Kingdom.) Today, my order arrived…