Nepal Documentary

We watched this interesting documentary about Nepal the other night on the Apple TV. Back in 1998, my wife and I spent two weeks following the same trekking route as covered in this video, from Lukla to the base camp of Everest. It was a wonderful experience, and from the video, it looks like little has changed since we were there.

In the hopes that Tom Bihn slightly increases the size of the Co-Pilot bag

A bit more than a year ago, I posted a article on the Dafacto blog about switching from a Tom Bihn Ristretto to Co-Pilot, as my daily carry bag. And during the past year, I have come to love the bag even more; its organizational structure and capacity is absolutely perfect for my daily commute to and from the office.

There is one small problem, however, and that is that the Co-Pilot is just barely wide enough to insert an 11“ MacBook Air. As a consequence, as I’ve inserted and removed my MBA twice daily during the past year, the frequent contact and rubbing has caused the main-compartment zipper to become detached from the bag.

This in no way reflects badly on the construction of the bag. Indeed, Tom Bihn is known to have among the best construction in the business. Rather, it’s simply a consequence of me needing to carry a device for which the bag was barely not designed.

So this is written in hopes that Tom Bihn might consider increasing the width of the bag ever so slightly, in order to accommodate the 11” MacBook Air (and even possibly anticipate the dimensions of the forthcoming 12” MacBook Air, which rumors claim won’t be dimensionally much bigger than the 11”.)