Disk Utility Fix Permissions & CommuniGate Pro

If you use Apple’s Disk Utility application to Repair Permissions on your Mac OS X system AND you have CommuniGate Pro installed, you’ll end up messing up CGPro’s files such that the following won’t work:

echo "Hello" | mail -s "Hi There" [email protected]

The affected files from the Disk Utility report are:

Group differs on ./private/etc/mail/submit.cf,
    should be 7, group is 0
Owner and group corrected on ./private/etc/mail/submit.cf
Permissions corrected on ./private/etc/mail/submit.cf
Group differs on ./usr/bin/mail, should be 0, group is 6
Permissions differ on ./usr/bin/mail,
    should be -r-xr-xr-x , they are -r-xr-sr-x
Owner and group corrected on ./usr/bin/mail
Permissions corrected on ./usr/bin/mail

To fix things, do:

sudo chown root:wheel /private/etc/mail/submit.cf
sudo chown root:mail /usr/sbin/CommuniGatePro/mail
sudo chmod 2555 /usr/sbin/CommuniGatePro/mail
sudo chown root:mail /usr/sbin/CommuniGatePro/sendmail
sudo chmod 2555 /usr/sbin/CommuniGatePro/sendmail

VersionTracker 6. Oh my goodness.

If you want to see what techies are capable of doing when they’ve got their hands on a lot of data and a relational database, and no idea whatsover of user-interface design, have a poke around the new and improved VersionTracker.com.

Consistent alignment? Nope. Consistent color use? Nope. Consistent anything? Nope. Sensible use of contrast? Nope. Related things visually grouped. Not hardly.

I think every techie (myself included!) should frequently have a read of [[[The Non-Designer’s Design Book, by Robin Williams]]].

Purchased Music

Gulp. My Purchased Music list in iTunes has grown to 109 songs. My wife’s gonna kill me! I’m not sure Apple making it so easy to purchase music was a good thing. 😉

Anyway, stuff I’ve purchased includes U2, Bruce Springsteen, Choir of Mount Angel Abbey (Gregorian Chants), Atlanta Rhythm Section, Suzanne Vega, Best of Ben. E. King, Bon Jovi (She Don’t Know Me — haven’t heard that one in a long time!), Monsoon (on the recommendation of bbum’s blog), Vern Gosdin, Cutting Crew, Heart, Mike + The Mechanics and Little River Band (Boy, it’d been a long time since I’d heard the Little River Band!)

iTunes 4 Warning

Just a quick note to mention that when iTunes 4 asks if you want to “Replace Existing” songs when re-encoding, what it really means is “Move Existing to Trash”. As I’m re-encoding my entire CD collection to AAC, I just happened to notice in the info bar of a Finder window that my disk had only a few hundred megabytes of free space left. The trash was full (several gigabytes) of my old MP3 that had been moved there by iTunes 4!