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The Odyssey of getting my data into Amazon Glacier

For years, I’ve been accumulating an archive of files at home on an external drive connected to a Mac mini. These are files that I do not expect to need in the future, but at the same time wouldn’t really be happy about losing—for example, snapshots of filesystems of computers I’ve retired, some source media, etc. All in all, the drive contains some 300 GB of data.

Simpler method of getting message-linked todos into OmniFocus 2

A couple of days ago, I posted an article detailing how to use Keyboard Maestro to create todos in OmniFocus 2 that are linked to original messages in Security-conscious Ben Brooks thought the idea was neat, but couldn’t give it a try, as it relies on the use of the OmniSync Server.

That got me thinking, and I came up with a simpler way to achieve the same thing—directly, without having to generate and send messages to the OmniSync Server Mail Drop.

Junk mail mystery — Nearly every message in is being marked as spam

As I wrote about in the past, I host my email on a Mac mini with OS X Server, and on which I run and SpamSieve together to provide a server-side spam filtering and rules-processing solution. While this setup works great for remote spam filtering and management, it is somehow causing a separate, irritating and confusing problem.

How to setup a roaming wifi network over ethernet with an Airport Extreme and Airport Express

In the past, all the devices in my home operated over a single wifi network—including four Macs, an AppleTV and several iOS devices. I’ve long suspected I was probably overtaxing the wifi, and listening to the recent “taming wifi” episode of the Technical Difficulties podcast inspired me to do something about it.

Switched to Parallels and then back to VMWare

Update: Since publishing this article, VMWare reached out and resolved the situation in a way that made me very happy. Be sure to see the details about that at the end of the article.

In March of this year (2013), some colleagues of mine in Berlin called to ask if I could purchase a copy of VMWare Fusion for Mac for them, because the VMWare website would not allow them to purchase the software. Each time they’d try to make the purchase, they’d get an “authorization failed” error.