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Operations, monitoring & analytics.

  • Chartbeat. Chartbeat provides real-time access statistics, as well as email alerts when certain events occur, for example, when your traffic suddenly exceeds its monthly high.

  • Pingdom. Monitors online services availability (web, email, etc.) Sends email, SMS and twitter alerts. Can provide publicly viewable uptime reports.

  • Tweetoerites. Allows you to monitor the “favoriting” of your Twitter tweets.

OS X menu bar items

  • Adium Change status, notify on incoming messages, etc.

  • Dropbox In-the-cloud, file sharing.

  • Isolator Darkens the screen, leaving only the foreground window visible. Good for focusing on the task at hand.

  • iStat Menus Monitoring of CPU, memory, network usage and more.

  • JustNotes Simple writing environment, syncs notes to Simplenotes (so they’re available on my iPhone.)

  • NetworkLocation Location-aware, auto-switching of system configurations. Automatically switches a variety of settings (screen lock, etc.) when I’m at home or away.

  • Pastebot Provides a conduit between the clipboards of the Mac and an iPhone.

  • Pukka Easily send tagged bookmarks to Delicious, and search.

  • TextExpander. Utility to auto-expand text clippings based on shortcuts.

  • Tweetie Twitter client.

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