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AddressBook Access from the Command Line

One of the things I’ve enjoyed most about Mac OS X is watching the emergence of tools that tie the GUI applications to the Unix interface. For example, StuffIt, Speed Download, and Interarchy all come with command-line interface (CLI) tools. In the case of Interarchy, for example, I can type the following in the Terminal and have Interarchy download the file in the background (putting it in my Downloads folder and post processing it for me):

interarchy -b this_url

Today a great new utility was released, called contacts. Contacts is a CLI utility providing command-line access to the Mac OS Address Book. Very convenient! There’s no faster way to get someone’s phone number now than to type the following in the Terminal:

contacts Jones

What’s also quite nice is that many of these CLI utilities (like contacts) are free, and even delivered with the source code (in case you want to modify them, or just learn something).

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