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Apple Address Book Network Integration

My wife and I each have a Macintosh on our home network, yet for the longest time we’ve been unable to share information such as contact and calendar information.

I’ve recently been asking around and have learned that with a single .Mac account and Apple’s iSync software, up to three computers can share Address Book data, iCal calendar and todo list information, and Safari bookmarks. Here’s how it’s done:

1. Be sure to have the latest Address Book, iCal, Safari and iSync installed on each of the computers.

2. Enter the shared .Mac account information in the Internet panel of the System Preferences on each computer.

3. Click on the .Mac icon within iSync (on each computer) and configure the desired synchronization settings for each computer. (The first time you do this, you’ll be asked to register the computer on Apple’s synchronization server.)

4. Click the Sync button.

My wife and I are now sharing Address Book, iCal and Safari bookmark information, and life is grand. 🙂 This synchronization service is the final touch that makes .Mac’s $99 annual charge seem (for me, at least) worthwhile.

And this story wouldn’t be complete without mention of BuddyPop, the amazingly wonderful $5 utility that gives you instant on-screen access to your Address Book data.

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  1. Martin Sattler Martin Sattler

    Sounds great, congratulations.

    My setup is a little differnt though. My wife and I share an iMac with 10.2.6. We’d like to share the address book, iCal and iTunes. Do you know how that can be done?

    BTW I am also wondering how one makes smaller PDF Files (when makeing them using the Print command in, lets say Word).

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