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Bad Morning

21 June 2003

Got up this morning, looking forward to my bike ride, and discovered that our phone line was out…

So, I figured I’d call Telefonica from my mobile, so they can fix it while I’m out enjoying myself on the bike…

Then, I can’t find my mobile…

I decide that the best way to locate my mobile, is to call it…

But of course, the phone line is out.

Wife’s mobile! Ah, ha!

Pino (my wife) says, “I have no credit left on the card.”

Matt, thinking “I’ve told you SO many times about keeping credit on your phone…”, says, “Well, you probably have enough to initiate the call.”

Pino says, “And the battery is dead.”

Matt thinks “I’ve told you SO many times about keeping your phone charged!”

So, we plug in Pino’s phone, wait a few minutes, and then try calling my mobile…It rings, but nobody answeres.

And I can’t hear it anywhere in the house.

So Pino says, “Get down to the beach where we were last night.” (Where Pino used my mobile, since she didn’t have hers!)

So, I rush down to the beach, and see new footprints next to where we were last night. I rush back home (stopping to wave to all my cyclist buddies as they go riding by :-(, and try ringing the mobile again.

A man answeres!

But said man doesn’t speak spanish, barely speaks english, and sounds like a bum.

He wants to meet me tonight at 8:30 in front of a hotel on the beach.

I say, “Can’t we meet now?”

He say, “No. Very far away. Go working now. Meet tonight. 8:30. Front hotel.”

I say, “Wait, how will I recognize you?”

He say, “What recognize mean?”

I say, “Uhhh, how will I SEE you???!!!”

He say, “I’m man with metal detector. On beach every night.

“To be continued…

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