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DirectNIC Revisted: Look what I found!

While waiting for DirectNIC to respond to my support request email and fax (I’m sure they’ll be getting back in touch with me any minute now…), I started looking over that transfer confirmation email they sent me. I noticed a slight difference between the single (well hidden) “ok, confirm the transfer (you schmuck)” link, and the 50 or so odd “DENY THE TRANSFER (We knew you were bright. You’re better off staying with us anyway!)” links. And that one difference was the presence of the following in the URL:


Being a computer nerd, I immediately suspected that “nack” means “no acknowledgement” — which, by adding this, would probably tell the system to skip the login requirement, and move right on to servicing of the request. They add that to all the “Deny the transfer” links, so you can deny the transfer with as little hassle as possible.

So, I added the “nack” bit to the “confirm” URL and gave it a whirl. The system responded with:

Command completed successfully

Yahoo! No login, and it looks my transfer is going to go through. I’ll know in the next few hours. 🙂

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