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Málaga Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Championship

Tonight was the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) championship in Malaga, Spain, in which three BJJ academies competed, Málaga, Marbella (where I train) and Granada. The good news (sorta), I finished second. The bad news, there were only three of us in my category (white belt, around 75 kg). Each fight lasted five minutes. A win was by either points, or submission.

In my first fight, I was a ball of nerves and lost on points. In the second, I got into my rhythm and submitted the opponent with a foot lock. The judges then indicated that foot locks are illegal in our category, but gave me the win anyway (since they hadn’t announced the rule beforehand.)

Finally, I had to fight the same guy again for the championship, and unfortunately lost by two points, thereby finishing second among the three of us.

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  1. Ulli Ulli

    Hi Matt!

    Congratulation! I never startet on a championchip.

    In October I will come to Marbella to visit my relatives. I am from Germany and I practise BJJ since last year. Maybe there is a chance to watch your practise?? Send me an email if you want to….


  2. Alistair Alistair

    Excellent, I am buying an apartment in Duquesa and was searching for a club in spain, what is it like? Who are the instructors? I am a white belt with about two years on and off training where I can find it.

    Best wishes,




    My name is Nelson Batista, I live and train BJJ in London, UK.

    I read your article and was happy to find out that there is Brazilina Ju Jitsu in Marbella. I have been training in London for the last 6 months or so. I will be visiting Marbella at least twice a month for the next year and I wonder if you can let me know where the academy is located.

    Thank you very much


  4. Ben Ben


    Where is the training in Marbella, I¥ve been to the Malaga club but lost the directions and need to get back into shape. I think I sparred with you back in Feb this year. Congratualtions on the win.

    Drop me an email and let me know


  5. Sami Markkanen Sami Markkanen

    I am a Finn living at the moment in the Netherlands. I am coming to Marbella for a holiday 3.-10.1.2004 and would like to train some bjj or submission wrestling while there or at least to see your training. It would be really cool if you could mail me about the practice and the location during that time. Send me some e-mail if possible. Sorry for the short notice. Thanks.

  6. robert robert

    I see a triangle to break to heart and save. Itís the way of life when you walk you are in triangle when you fight you are in a triangle. Its about defending youíre self. I feel bones breaking .I taste blood as the guy falls to the ground. I smell defeat. To defend against bigger and stronger people and throw them like a rag doll. Itís the talent I love and do with respect and faith that I will succeed in it.

    Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

    I am good in this talent because I have put lots of my time in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

    And it is the only thing I think about. I would like to perfect my technique in time. The day I thought I was good at it was when I beat a 200-pound man that was a marine. I have only accomplished a dent in the technique of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I am going to keep going mater what happens in my life nothing is going to stop me in the goal I have started.

    You can e-mail me at [email protected] for commensts

  7. Ema Ema

    Hey, I’ve been looking for AGES for jitsu clubs teaching in Andalucia… I would really love if someone could give me the details of one or all of the Granada, Malaga AND the Marbella Dojos!

    Thanks a lot!

  8. Hi

    Could you tell me were you train as im comming over to Fuengirola on the 21st March and fancy some training.



  9. Age Age

    Where can I train in Malaga?

    I am studying the language locally and wanted to continue training in BJJ.

    Please advise including web site and street address if possible.

  10. Andrew Andrew

    Hi Matt,

    I just moved to Granada and have yet to find a BJJ training program. Do you have any contact info?



  11. Jukka Laurio Jukka Laurio

    Hello Matt,

    I’m moving to Spain with my girlfriend during the summer. We are looking for an apartment from Costa del Sol or Costa Blanca. I was wondering if you can help me: I read from your pages about Malaga, Marbella and Granada BJJ academies, but where else in these coasts I can find Brazilian ju-jitsu or submission wrestling academies?

    Please, send me some information.

    Jukka Laurio [email protected]

  12. paul gerardo paul gerardo

    hello matt,

    i was reading your article.I just moved here to rota spain and i am looking for a place to train jiu-jitsu. i have been training for 2years.i trained with rener gracie in torrance,and chris saunders in ventura california. i hope that you can please give some info on the nearest place to train at. any info you can give will be greatly appriciated. thank you very much

  13. Sledge Sledge

    Please couls someone get in touch with regards to BJJ in Marbella. I live in estepona and have been looking for somewhere to train.

    [email protected]

    0034 600860590


  14. Sledge Sledge

    Please could someone get in touch with regards to BJJ in Marbella. I live in estepona and have been looking for somewhere to train.

    [email protected]

    0034 600860590


  15. David Guttmann David Guttmann

    I have read your info about bjj tournament in spain. Could you tell me where I can train bjj in Granada, mayby homepage etc. I am going to study there from February.

    Thank you


  16. Paul Paul


    My family and I (me, the wife and kids ages 6 & 8) will be visiting Granada next April for two weeks, and we are considering moving there for a year, if we can make it work. Obviously, access to BJJ is esential. Could you please give me some information on BJJ in Spain? Specificaly, where can I train near Grananda? Thanks very much for the help, and good luck in your training.

    Paul Bieber

    [email protected]


  17. Laura Bennett Laura Bennett


    I am soon going to be spending a year abroad in Andalucia as part of my university course. I started jitsu recently and am really keen to continue either that or start ju-jitsu. Does anyone have any information about clubs in Andalucia? Any help at all would be REALLY appreciated!

  18. Mark Mark

    My father lives in Spain and I’ll be staying there for four months during the summer. Please could you email me the address of the BJJ club (I do practise it) so that I’ll know how to get there. I’d also be really grateful if you could let me know if there are any kickboxing, boxing or wrestling gyms in and around Marbella.

    Many thanks.


  19. Roland and Baz Roland and Baz

    We are looking for a jujitsu club in Andalucia to do an intensive training course-training every day.If you know of any please let us know. Any duration of course considered.

  20. Congratulations!

    Tron, you are the second of three opponent it’s ok!

    Bueno colega yo esperaba que estarias algo mas arriba pero que le vamos hacer, asi es la vida.

    Bueno un saludo. 😉

  21. When will you all be having another tournament?

  22. Nick Stefan Nick Stefan

    Hey there,
    I am coming to Spain soon and am a 4 stripe brown belt under Rigan Machado. I would like to come to spain and live for a little while, and teach jiu jitsu. If you know any opportunities let me know, thanks,

  23. Frank Crocker Frank Crocker

    Hey Hey

    Im a Blue belt under Luiz Palhares and I will be living in Cadiz Espana for a year. Do you happen to know of any academys there and if so do you have any of their contact information?

    Please email me at [email protected]

  24. My name is Eduardo and i’m black belt in Brasilian Jiu-Jitsu .I will be traveling to Spain in october 9. i woul like to know if any one or a group want to learn perfect Jiu-Jitsu moves

  25. paul paul

    ive been living in spain 4 a year now and have tried finding a bjj club to train if any1 could give me an address i would be gratefull as there seems to be a lack of martial arts clubs in general on the costa del sol to find a mma club would be even better. thanx paul

  26. Piotr Piotr

    I just moved to spain to el puerto de santa maria, and I’m searching for some vale tudo or bjj classes, or even muay thai :)to learn. It is really hard to find. thx in advance.
    My e-mail [email protected]

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