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Palm Developers, Where's my RSS Newsreader?

If you’re a Palm developer, and looking for an idea — how about a good RSS news aggregator? Something like NetNewsWire on the Mac? Web surfing on the Palm is the pits, unless you happen to be into two dimensional scrolling. Syncing Web content for offline reading on the Palm is also the pits. But reading news from RSS feeds, which is mainly text, should be a quite an enjoyable experience on the Palm. And RSS publication is growing rapidly — just heard recently you can turn your custom searches into RSS streams, to keep up with new releases based on your own defined criteria.

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  1. Roger Roger

    Been looking for the same thing myself. The only thing I’ve found is BlogPluck, which plugs the blogs into iSilo format or Plucker format.. not good…

  2. Tim Tim

    Try NewsMob ( NewsMob is a Web-based RSS News Aggregator. NewsMob works with your existing Palm or Pocket PC web browser, sync or live, to provide you access to your favorite RSS Newsfeeds.

  3. Mike Rohde Mike Rohde

    Matt, there is a web-based RSS reader called Mobile RSS for Pocket PC’s Internet Explorere, but it also works in Blazer (and probably in the Palm stock web browser too):

  4. Sven Rafferty Sven Rafferty

    You can try Hand/RSS for Palm OS from Stand Alone, Inc. I wish it had a few more features, but it is pretty darn good. Downloads the XML’s via HotSync and you can even update them via Bluetooth, WiFi or modem!

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