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Photo Finish

Months of training finally produced some results today. For the first time since my injury last year, I was able to stay with the pack in the mountains. We rode from Marbella to Ojén, then to Coín, and then to the mountain-top finish at the “Parador de Juanar”. I started off slow, even dropping on the climb to Ojen, but then recovered well, felt strong, and finished just a few meters behind some of the top people in Juanar.

Top cyclist, good friend, and reliable photographer Diego was there to capture the moment — and chop off my head — with a photo finish snapshot celebrating the best day of my season. 🙂

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  1. diego diego

    I’m sorry MAN for the Photo, but you run so fast that my camara, can’t take that important moment in your life.

    I’II try to do it well next time 😉

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