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All I can say is — wow. This morning I’ve discovered an application for MacOS X that is simply awesome. (Ok, maybe the initial wow factor still hasn’t worn off.) It’s called RadioLover.

RadioLover, in a nutshell, allows you to record streams to MP3. If the information is available in the stream, it will create separate MP3s for each song — including sensible naming of the file and tag assignment. The quality of the recording is a function of the stream bitrate, so for a 128 kbps stream, you’re going to get something close to what you buy from Apple’s Music Store.

Possible uses: Let it run overnight and keep a fresh supply of music available for your iPod. Use its “scheduler” to schedule the recording of a late-night talk show, and listen to it later in your iPod.

If the iTrip (for iPod) is the best $35 I’ve spent lately, RadioLover is certainly the best $15.

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