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Reading on the Palm

22 August 2003

If there’s one thing I really enjoy using the Palm for, it’s reading ebooks. Things have improved so much since I first gave ebooks a try several years ago:

  • First, there’s a lot more big-name titles available, from places like PalmDigitalMedia.

  • Now that Palm devices have backlit screens, it’s possible to read in low-light conditions, such as the bedroom or the balcony in the late evenings.

  • There are some nice fonts available for download or purchase, that greatly improve the legibility of the text on screen.

  • Since Palms have more memory, and can expand, one can conveniently tote around an entire library. (My 256K SD card, at about 400k per book, could conceivably hold over 600 ebooks.)

I’ve just finished reading (what else?) Lance Armstrong’s, “It’s not about the bike” (very good book) and am about to begin reading “A Walk in the Woods” by Bill Bryson, about one man’s hike through the Appalachian Trail. Before that, it was Robert Ludlum’s “The Janson Directive”.

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