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Telefónica España and Proxy Caches

08 May 2003

My ADSL and internet service provider, Telefónica España, just installed a network of transparent proxy caches. I suspected this when last week I suddenly lost my ability to immediately see updates to modified websites, and then confirmed with the ip-calculator service.

I called Telefónica to complain and let them know that this causes serious problems for professionals making frequent changes to customer websites. (It’s kinda embarrassing to call a customer and say, “Can you have a look if the change I just made looks ok?”) The response was basically, “Sorry, nothing we can do to help you.” (That was only after I managed to weasel past Line-1 support! “Proxy What? Did you try restarting your computer? Macintosh? Oh, there’s your problem.”)

Any suggested solutions (other than changing providers)?

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