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Ok, I must still be heavily under the influence of my pre-OSX days, but the following just amazed me: Today I was synchronizing my G5 to my Powerbook, and realized that Sync Pro X was reporting 3.00 GB of data needing to be transferred. I looked at the throughput meter in the Powerbook’s menu bar and saw 1.3 MB/s. Ugh—I forgot I was unplugged and the Powerbook was connected via WiFi. I wondered if I could just simply plug in the Ethernet cable during the middle of the data transfer operation, and just gave it a try. The throughput jumped immediately to 8.7MB/s. That’s amazing—the system just transparently switched from one network interface to another (the faster one), right in the middle of a transfer.

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  1. Olivier Olivier

    It probably switched from the second preferred (but first available) interface to the first preferred interface, using the order defined in Network Port Configuration in the Network preference pane, but that doesn’t make it less amazing.

  2. Michel Ricart Michel Ricart

    As far as I know,I think this is just a standard feature of IP – remember, IP was designed by the US army in order to have a auto-adapting network…

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