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Automated Comment Deletion from MT-Blacklist Emails

I, like many Movable Type users, am getting loads of comment spam notification emails from the MT-Blacklist plug-in. Processing the comment spam usually goes something like this:

  1. Select the mail in Apple Mail.
  2. Click the “De-spam using MT-Blacklist” link.
  3. Click the “Go forth now and do my bidding!” button in Safari.

It would be great if I could select an email (or better a batch), and invoke an AppleScript that would send the appropriate de-spamming URL to the Movable Type.

A less attractive alternative would be better MT-Blacklist emails—containing a direct despam URL that doesn’t require confirmation.

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  1. Agree wholeheartedly. Gone too is the “despam blog” to just despam all your current entries with your blacklist.

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