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Canon LiDE 30 Scanner

I sure wish I’d read this or that before purchasing the Canon LiDE 30 Scanner for my MacOS X system. But the 15 year-old at the store said, “Yeah, dude, it’s a good scanner.” Oh well, learned my lesson (again) about buying things on whim, without doing a bit of research…

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  1. Narayan Narayan

    Regardless of which scanner you purchase, Vuescan is the software to use. It’s compatible with the LiDE30 and has features usually found only on professional scanners which cost thousands of dollars.

  2. Matt Henderson Matt Henderson

    Absolutely Narayan. When I purchased the LiDE 30, I took one look at the Canon-supplied software, said, “Yuck!”, and rushed off to get Vuescan. In fact, that’s what allowed me to disable the Canon drivers ó finally getting rid of those megabytes of “Looking for Device…” console messages.

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