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MacOS X Services Menu

Walking through the contents of the MacOS X’s “Services” menu, one finds all sorts of interesting tools and utilities. My problem is, though, that there are just too many services there. I feel dizzy when I look at that menu! I understand that basically any application can expose services through this framework, but I wish there were some way that the user could override, or manage, the visibility of the services which are finally shown to the user.

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  1. Hi Matt!

    I’m not sure if that Preference-Pane still works with MacOS 10.4. But try the ‘Service Manager’ which you can find via macupdate.

    Or you change the ‘info.plist’ of the applications you don’t want to see at the menue with your preferred editor ‘BBEdit’.



    (PS: what about a navigation to the next/prev. month on your archived pages? If someone — like me — reads that weblog for the first time and wants to read it backwards, you normally scroll down the page to read. Then scroll up again to come to the next month.

    I should change that on my MT-weblogs too, BTW.)

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