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New Honda Lead Scooter

18 July 2004

Automobiles can be downright inconvenient in your average-sized Spanish town. Traffic on the narrow streets can come to a crawl when a big truck decides to unload, or even just when some driver happens to see his neighbor and stops in the middle of the road to chat about the weekend. And parking — oh parking — especially in the summer months, can be simply impossible.

So, in terms of getting around, my life has taken a giant leap forward with the purchase of a Brand New Scooter — the 100cc Honda Lead. Stuck in traffic? Hop onto the sidewalk and keep going. Parking at dinner? Drive straight up to the door.

But, of course, this wouldn't be Spain without some sort of attempted rip-off. The Honda dealer charged me 1.750 Euro, when, in fact, the price of the scooter is 1.600 Euro. Will be visiting him for a refund next week...

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