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New Honda Lead Scooter

Automobiles can be downright inconvenient in your average-sized Spanish town. Traffic on the narrow streets can come to a crawl when a big truck decides to unload, or even just when some driver happens to see his neighbor and stops in the middle of the road to chat about the weekend. And parking — oh parking — especially in the summer months, can be simply impossible.

So, in terms of getting around, my life has taken a giant leap forward with the purchase of a Brand New Scooter — the 100cc Honda Lead. Stuck in traffic? Hop onto the sidewalk and keep going. Parking at dinner? Drive straight up to the door.

But, of course, this wouldn’t be Spain without some sort of attempted rip-off. The Honda dealer charged me 1.750 Euro, when, in fact, the price of the scooter is 1.600 Euro. Will be visiting him for a refund next week…

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  1. Erik J. Barzeski Erik J. Barzeski

    I have a scooter, and when I used it, it was GREAT. Now I want to sell it. 🙂

  2. Mark Carey Mark Carey

    Hi Matt,

    I am thinking of buying a new Honda Lead 100. I see that it has been more than one year since you bought yours. Has it run smoothly? Would you recommend it?



  3. Esa from Finland Esa from Finland

    I bought my Honda Lead in Turku Finland in August 2005 and have been using it daily since then. It¥s very nice in urban areas within speed areas from 50 to 70 km’s per hour but little bit “shaking” in higher speeds (maximum 85 km/hour).

    I paid 2150 euros for it which is the official selling price here in Finland. This model is not very common here and I have not seen another Lead here in Turku (population of 175.000 people).

    No problems after 1100 kilometres!

  4. london london

    Ive got a Honda lead and its a load of crap….

    suspension broke after 1year,and needed new gear box following year.. dont buy

  5. Risto Helsinki Risto Helsinki

    I bought my Honda Lead in May 05 and i’ve used whole summer to drive work, 17 km’s one way. It’s very handy when traffic jams. I’ve driven now 3.700 km’s and no problems. I have to say that price/quality is very high.

  6. Martin Martin

    I tried out a Lead 100 two days ago, and rode 40km around town. I found the handling predictable and steady, braking good enough, and it went up hills fine at 50kph. It sounds like a B17 turned down, the ride is absorbent without being wallowy, and acceleration perfectly acceptable away from lights. Progress is super smooth.
    There wasn’t quite room for my helmet under the seat, which felt quite firm. The handlebar is a bit low for tall people, but comfort is fine for town distances. I don’t think it will go on the motorway (I only got 65kph out of a near new demo bike), but others claim to be happy at 80 – 90kph!! I think it’s the best value choice around for the money, and FUN!!!

  7. Nick Nick

    The Lead won’t do higher speeds apparently until it has been ‘run in’ after 500km’s or so.

  8. Slick Slick

    I upgraded my 50cc Dio to a Lead…My Dio was doing max speed 63 kph, the Lead will do 85kph with easy…It handle very nice, breaks great rides nice and I can carry my girl friend in the back with much more ease.

  9. Robert Robert

    I have owned a honda lead for 6 months very smooth runs well very economical, drum brakes could be better. Overall very pleased

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