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OmniWeb Bookmark Syncing — Who would have known?

After fighting with OmniWeb 5 in an effort to get bookmark syncing to work with a WebDAV server, I finally (through the help of Omni support) got everything sorted. Turns out, OmniWeb can not sync bookmarks to the root of a webdav server — you must sync to a sub-directory. Why? No idea. But since I created a dedicated DAV area on my G5 for the purpose of syncing, I had no reason to create a sub-directory. As a result, I was seeing all sorts of weird behaviour — the server specification wasn’t preserved in the Preferences, unread content was sometimes appearing in duplicate. Anyway, glad it’s all sorted now. In a few days, I’ll be posting instructions on how to setup WebDAV on MacOS X.

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  1. Tony Kavadias Tony Kavadias

    Do you have those instructions for setting up a WebDAV server (for OmniWeb 5) handy? I’d like to set one up, but can’t find your instructions (have you posted them?)

    I am trying to work around a 412 err0r on Apache 2 at the moment, but can’t fathom the “precondition” that OmniWeb is trying to impose on the server.

    Any help would be muchly appreciated!


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