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palmOne Zire 72

19 June 2004

So I've sold my Palm Tungsten C, and have purchased a Palm Zire 72. (I know, they are officially now palmOne, but to me, they will forever be Palm.)

Me and the C didn't really get along. Wirelessly surfing the web from a Palm didn't turn out to be quite the life enhancing experience I thought it would be, and was actually more like trying to observe the world through a peephole. Furthermore, I missed being able to make quick to-self voice recordings. I missed stereo headphone output. I missed bluetooth. And I really hated the thumb-board.

So I'm getting to know a new Zire 72, and it looks like we'll have a much better relationship. I'm happy to have everything back that I missed in the C (voice recordings, stereo headphones, bluetooth). It's snappy, has a great screen, feels good in my hand. And it has a little camera for those times when you forgot, well, your camera.

The only thing I don't like is the case it came with. How could Palm think anybody would want something that big? As an early adopter, I guess I'll have to wait a while for something slimmer from a third-party to come out. (Please leave any suggestions in the comments!)

I took a new approach to migrating – I started from scratch, thereby shedding the crud I think I've been passing on from generation to generation since around the Palm III. I really only use a handful of applications on the Palm, so fresh-installing just what I use only took about an hour.

Aside: A Note About URLs

Apple Computer pays attention to details. If you want to know about iTunes, what URL would you guess? How about:

For info about the Zire 72, do you think this works:

Nope. :-(

Zire 72 information is found at the logical address of:

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