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Recent Software Purchases

13 August 2004

Some recent software purchases:</p>

DayLite. A very nice customer relationship management application.

Audio Hijack Pro. Allows you to record (to MP3, AAC, etc.) the audio delivered by any other application. (I use this to record songs streamed from Live365.)

FinKit and FinFlow. Financial calculator, and cash flow modeler (respectfully).

Hog Bay Notebook. A nice notebook/outliner that I’ll use while waiting for the Pro version of DEVONthink to arrive.

Little Snitch. A nice little outgoing packet watcher, allowing you to prevent applications from phoning home. (This utility is made by the same folks that make the highly-recommended LaunchBar utility.)

OmniWeb 5.0. A very nice web browser, offering a suite of interesting features such saved workspaces, visualized tabs, and content watching (especially useful for RSS feeds).

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