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SnapzPro Pro 2.0.1 Sound Track Problem and Solution

13 August 2004

I was quite annoyed today after spending a few hours capturing screen video clips sourced from DVD using SnapzPro 2.0.1, to find that only the video track was saved in the movie. No audio track was saved. The Ambrosia support area didn't provide any solution, although a few people on their boards talked about replacing .kext files (something I didn't want to get into.)

I found and ran the original installer application, hoping to find an uninstall option. There wasn't one. (Note to software developers: If your software installs bits and pieces here and there, please, if at all possible, provide an Uninstall option with your installer.) However, simply reinstalling SnapzPro resolved the problem (so whatever file(s) were corrupted were obviously overwritten in the install.)

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