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Caption of the day

Mass sprints in professional cycling can be rough. I just love this image (from Graham Watson, via VeloNews) of today’s Tour de France stage 3 sprint in which Tom Boonen beat out (from left) Stuart O’Grady and Robbie McEwin. Obviously no love lost between these two Aussies. Can you imagine leaning on somebody like that at 60 kilometers per hour?!? (McEwin was later reprimanded and relegated to last place for this move.)

Anywho, this image looks like a fine candidate for a Caption-of-the-Day contest. Any takers?

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  1. Here’s a possible caption…

    “I said, I don’t want to pull your finger!”

  2. Niall Niall

    Gosh, I’m really tired. Mind if I just lay my head down here for a minute?

  3. Does this helmet make me look gay?

  4. I have a few:

    1) I love you, man.

    2) When I take steroids, I don’t know which way is up!

    3) The guys at the back of the peloton were right. Your elbow really does stink!

    4) (green guy) I’m winning!

  5. paul paul


    off topic big time, but I’m in malaga for two weeks from tomorrow and looking for a bjj club close to portal nous. if you train close by, or know of somewhere nearby, could you email me please?

    many thanks


  6. I was thinking…

    “Stuey, I sure missed seeing you at the race last week…”

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