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Ardales, Spain

07 August 2005

Today we took a trip to a day trip to Ardales, Spain - about an hour and a bit from home. We'd hoped to visit El Chorro, home of the (in)famous Camino del Rey. Unfortunately, the road to El Chorro was cut, and, being Spain, without any notice of why or how long it will remain so.

So, apart from driving around, we visited nearby Ardales. Note to self: Never Visit Ardales in August. It's actually a beautiful place, but in the middle of Summer must be the hottest spot on the planet. No kidding, even the breeze was horrible.

The park at Ardales was full of local Spaniards camping away their Summer holidays. We ambled down the hill at the park, and let the kids splash around in the lake, which was sadly almost empty. After 15 minutes, Daddy couldn't take it any longer, and we packed up and headed back to the air-conditioned car. (Thank goodness Hondas are the most reliable cars in the world.)

The highlight of the day came at lunchtime, when we had a wonderful meal at the Restaurant El Cruce, in downtown Ardales. Lunch included some Gazpacho, a chilled tomato soup dish that must be the most delicious and refreshing thing one can eat/drink on a hot summer day, some grilled rosado (fish) and lamb.

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