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Lance Armstrong's War

29 June 2005

For quite some time now, my primary way to read books has been the Palm device. eBooks, as they are known, can be stored on the Palm's external memory card, allowing me to carry around practically an entire library. The Palm eReader application lets me take notes, create bookmarks, and remembers my current position in the book.

The only real problem I've had with eBooks has been the fact that their publication typically lags the print version by several months. But not anymore. Today I read that a new book on Lance Armstrong, "Lance Armstrong's War", was recently released. I checked, and there it was! Yahoo! Just what the doctor ordered as I prepare to watch Lance this Saturday afternoon kick-off his final bid to win the world's greatest bicycle race, the Tour de France. If he does so, it'll be his seventh consecutive win of the race, something that is likely to be never repeated again.

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