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MakaluMedia team up with The Playaz

09 October 2005

Eight years of sweat, blood and dedicated hard work has finally paid off big time for the company (and I do mean BIG TIME), as MakaluMedia has been chosen by none other than The Playaz themselves, to design and relaunch their world-famous Weblog — The Playaz Ball. Before CNN, the BBC and National Lampoons roll up to start with the interviews, we wanted to end the speculation, and to publish this news as soon as possible.

Of course all the top web agencies from New York, to Los Angeles, to London engaged in a vicious bidding war to land this prestigious project, but in the end, as usual, it all boiled down to politics, and the work was given to the brother of a Playa.

Phil, Wayne, Bon, The Guv’Na and Tac were unavailable for comment, as pressing matters at the UN called for their immediate attention. Phil, however, having seen the MakaluMedia-designed masterpiece, was rumoured to have utter the words, “It’ll do.”

Says Matt Henderson, owner of MakaluMedia, and brother of Tac, “We’ve had some good opportunities come our way since 1997, but I have to say, this tops them all. When word of this hits the blogosphere, we’re expecting offers to purchase the company from Yahoo, AOL and, possibly, The Gwinnett County Bar Association.”

So, without further adoo, we present to you:

The Playaz Ball

And while they finish importing the articles, here’s the old site.

Just remember, at MakaluMedia, we don’t spend all our time tracking satellites and thinking about tomorrow’s software methodologies — we’ve also been known to have some fun!

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