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The Scanner

I’ve got a wonderful problem for somebody to solve, one which will surely make them a million dollars, beginning with 10 crisp ones from me. Have you ever opened your desktop computer scanner to find some important document you thought you’d lost — like your driver’s license? Aaaaarg!

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  1. Carlos Carlos

    Tu suegro sabe mucho de buscar cosas perdidas…no hace falta escaner, pero todos los dÌas dedica parte de su tiempo en localizar algo que presumible o realmente ha perdido. 😉

  2. It’d be neat to have a noisemaking doohickey on scanners that you could configure with behaviors – like, for example, you could set it so that if you quit the program using the scanner and the scanner could tell there was something still in it, it beeped. Save a lot of nastiness.

  3. I will invent a sign that will be attached to the scanner that says “Please look inside for important documents!”

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