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Weblog Redesign 2005

There’s a big proposal that I should have been working on today, but after three weeks at it, I just couldn’t stand to open the word processor this morning. So, instead, I decided to give a go at redesigning the ol’ weblog. It’s been nearly two and a half years, and with Web 2.0 just around the corner and all, I didn’t want to get caught out.

The site is a mixture of table-based layout and CSS. Couldn’t find anywhere to AJAX anything. Maybe next time. I did the whole thing in about six hours or so, and there are still some rough edges. I’m not sure why sometimes I see an entire shift of the content, resulting in a misalignment of about one pixel, and sometimes I don’t. Maybe some CSS whiz (hint, hint, Makalu staff) can point out what the problem is likely to be.

I like the more open layout of the new design, and I like using the imagery in the masthead. The images are served randomly, so if you refresh the page, that header area should change.

Let me know what you think. Thanks.

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  1. Narayan Narayan

    It’s a refreshing change of pace, I suppose. The masthead and nav look….familiar 😉


  2. Phil Phil

    Not as good as Playaz Ball. But better than the old version.

  3. Guy Guy

    Matt – I like it. Hope to see more Mac stuff. Are you still using Daylite?

  4. Matt Henderson Matt Henderson

    Thanks. @Guy, I’m planning to post an update to the GTD process, and also covering DayLite. Hope that’ll be up before too long…

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