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What happened to April?

The other day I visited the Spanish travel website,, to book some travel in April. As you can see in the screenshot, the pop-up menu for choosing the month was missing April. We’ve got Marzo (March), …, Mayo (May), and Junio (June). What happened to April?

I decided to write, and following is the transcript of my exchanges with the support representative, “Teodora Yordanova Sotirova”:

Me: Hello, Could you please tell me where is the month of April (see screenshot attached). I’m trying to book flights in April, and I’m not given any option? Thanks.

Teodora: Dear costumer We are sorry but the only one opcion to book flights is in our website. If you can not find flights for april is because there are not places in the plain. Perhaps you can find some flight in May.

Me: I don’t think you understood my commen, and I guess you didn’t look at the screenshot I sent. There is a BUG in your website — in that the month of April doesn’t appear in the drop-down list. Please refer to the screenshot I sent. It works in Internet Explorer, but not in Safari or Firefox.

Teodora:Dear costumer If you want to book a flight you should to now that you can not book a flight with computer Makentosch. Please try again to book a fligth with other kind of computer. Salute

There you go, I should to have nowed. It’s my dang Makentosch . Oh well… Salute!

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  1. Patricia Patricia

    Hahaha!!! Good thing – and lucky for us – planes don’t rely on a Mac as their flight management system! Geez!!! lol

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