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What’s on your Treo 650?

23 July 2005

A couple of months ago I purchased a palmOne Treo 650. In a relatively short period of time, it’s assumed a place of importance up there alongside my Macintosh. I never realized how nice having phone, PDA and Internet access all wrapped together in a single device would be.

I’ll probably write a longer article later about the Treo 650, but for the moment, I wanted to list the 3rd-party applications completing the toolkit:

  • BackupBuddyVFS. Allows scheduled and on-demand backup of the Palm's contents to an external memory card. (Also, of course, can restore.) Using this, I've disabled the Palm Backup conduit, which saves some time on syncing.
  • SnapperMail. Full featured replacement for the default VersaMail application -- IMAP email client.
  • upIRC. Reasonably featured IRC client.
  • VeriChat. Unified instant messaging (IM) client, supports MSN, AIM, etc.
  • SplashID. Secure password storage application, with a MacOS X desktop component.
  • SplashMoney. Quicken-like money management application.
  • SplashShopper. Shopping list (and others lists) management application.
  • SplashPhoto. Replacement for Palm's Media photo management application. Includes a Mac OS X component.
  • MyBible. Complete Bible application.
  • mVoice. Turns the Treo into a voice recorder.
  • MegaClock. Full featured replacement for the Palm's Worldclock.
  • LifeBalance. The best task management application, bar none. Includes a MacOS X desktop component.
  • LoanExpert. Loan calculation and amortization tool.
  • Cleanup/Uninstall. A utility that tracks your installed applications and the data/files they create, allowing more complete removal when desired.
  • Cycling. Track cycling training data over time.
  • AutoMobile. Track fuel consumption, costs and maintenance of one or more vehicles.
  • DateBk5. Extremely powerful replacement for Palm's datebook application.
  • ShadowPlan. Outliner. Doesn't come close to something like OmniOutliner for Mac, but seems to be the best available for the Palm.
  • u*Blog. Free blogging tool supports image uploads and the blogger API.
  • Profiles. One of the most important utility on my Palm. Freeware utility allowing the creation of profiles controlling sounds, lights, etc. for the Treo.
  • PowerRUN. Utility for moving applications (and their data) to a memory card. (And with this many apps, you'll need it.)

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