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What’s on your Treo 650?

A couple of months ago I purchased a palmOne Treo 650. In a relatively short period of time, it’s assumed a place of importance up there alongside my Macintosh. I never realized how nice having phone, PDA and Internet access all wrapped together in a single device would be.

I’ll probably write a longer article later about the Treo 650, but for the moment, I wanted to list the 3rd-party applications completing the toolkit:

  • BackupBuddyVFS. Allows scheduled and on-demand backup of the Palm’s contents to an external memory card. (Also, of course, can restore.) Using this, I’ve disabled the Palm Backup conduit, which saves some time on syncing.
  • SnapperMail. Full featured replacement for the default VersaMail application — IMAP email client.
  • upIRC. Reasonably featured IRC client.
  • VeriChat. Unified instant messaging (IM) client, supports MSN, AIM, etc.
  • SplashID. Secure password storage application, with a MacOS X desktop component.
  • SplashMoney. Quicken-like money management application.
  • SplashShopper. Shopping list (and others lists) management application.
  • SplashPhoto. Replacement for Palm’s Media photo management application. Includes a Mac OS X component.
  • MyBible. Complete Bible application.
  • mVoice. Turns the Treo into a voice recorder.
  • MegaClock. Full featured replacement for the Palm’s Worldclock.
  • LifeBalance. The best task management application, bar none. Includes a MacOS X desktop component.
  • LoanExpert. Loan calculation and amortization tool.
  • Cleanup/Uninstall. A utility that tracks your installed applications and the data/files they create, allowing more complete removal when desired.
  • Cycling. Track cycling training data over time.
  • AutoMobile. Track fuel consumption, costs and maintenance of one or more vehicles.
  • DateBk5. Extremely powerful replacement for Palm’s datebook application.
  • ShadowPlan. Outliner. Doesn’t come close to something like OmniOutliner for Mac, but seems to be the best available for the Palm.
  • u*Blog. Free blogging tool supports image uploads and the blogger API.
  • Profiles. One of the most important utility on my Palm. Freeware utility allowing the creation of profiles controlling sounds, lights, etc. for the Treo.
  • PowerRUN. Utility for moving applications (and their data) to a memory card. (And with this many apps, you’ll need it.)
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  1. Erik Weibust Erik Weibust

    Perfect timing for me to read your post on the 650. I’m seriously considering dumping my Palm m515 and my Nokia 6230 for the Treo 650.

    I’d love to know how you feel about the large form factor. Compared to most cell phones the 650 is giant in size. Also, compared to my m515 it’s a bit bigger as a pda. I’m just getting tired of lugging both devices around and I’m hearing nothing but good news about the 650.

    One other thing. What case do you use with your 650?

  2. narayan narayan

    So you did go with snapper?

  3. matt Henderson matt Henderson

    Erik: I’m very happy with the size of the Treo. I’ve never been much of a fan of really small phones. It fits my hand well, and is comfortable for talking. The case I use is the Proport silicon wrapper thing.

    Narayan: Yep, thanks to your and Mike’s recommendations. 🙂

  4. Matt Henderson Matt Henderson

    MGH, you’ve got to be kidding. 🙂

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