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Adobe's Upgrade Policy

11 January 2006

Some time ago, I purchased an upgrade to Adobe Acrobat Professional, version 7. The installer didn’t ask for the previous version’s serial number, as most do, but rather asked me to locate the older version of the software on my hard drive. So I pointed the installer at version 6, completed the installation/registration, and then proceeded to remove version 6 from my hard drive.

Here were are now, about a year or so later, and I’ve migrated to a new Powerbook. First launch of Acrobat 7, and I’m asked to enter my serial number, and … once again, locate the version 6 software, which, of course, is no longer on my machine.

Fortunately, I kept a copy of version 6 in an archive, but what in the world is one to do in the case you no longer have the older version around (which I could easily imagine someone deleting)?

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