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Henderson & Henderson, building north Georgia lake homes.

Today our company launched a new website for Henderson & Henderson, LLC (which happens to be another company in which I’m involved.) H&H build one- to two custom dream homes per year in north Georgia, typically on Lake Lanier.

Henderson & Henderson, building north Georgia homes on Lake Lanier.

Over a period of a few days, MakaluMedia user experience designer Alex Bendiken (yeah, the Slashdot guy) and I worked together to specify and comp this site, and within just a few more days, Alex had it all up and running.

I couldn’t be more excited about it– I think it’s beautifully designed (very much in the Alex style), is fully built on WordPress, exploiting some its “Page” key-pair features to pull in Flickr images and specify the Google maps coordinates, and even to specify the state of the properties (“sold” or otherwise). And, hopefully, the site will be very “findable”, as its ultimate objective is to help market the properties.

Web application development is so much fun these days. Between Ruby on Rails (for custom applications), Drupal CMS (for complex publication and collaboration applications) and WordPress (for the small/medium complexity applications), just about all the bases are quite well covered.

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  1. Tim Tim

    Hi Matt,

    Take care because there is the view that the US housing market is going to crash really badly in the next year. There has never been a nationwide property collapse before but that does not mean it cannot happen. If it does not only the hot spots will suffer, but all properties will suffer and buyers impossible to find except at knock down prices.

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