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And that’s all I have to say about that.

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  1. Carlos Carlos


  2. Javier Marti Javier Marti

    Matt, a finish colleague tells me that Känkkäränkkäpäivä is a slang word that means bad day! But also is the name a witch in a children song…..

    Rokulipäivä seems to be better word, but not the day after!

  3. JMTee JMTee

    Alright… it was a indeed a surprise to see ‘Känkkäränkkäpäivä’ written on this site, but since that has been some days ago, I hope that it has already passed 😉

    Carlos: it must be ‘ääntämismääritelmässäkään’ – you missed one ‘n’ at the end, but it is forgivable in the case of non-native speaker 🙂

    Javier Marti: yes, that is right, a bad day especially for children when nothing is right. This originates indeed from a children’s song where the witch, which actually causes the day to be bad, is called ‘Känkkäränkkä’. ‘Päivä’ at the end means ‘day’.

    ‘Rokulipäivä’ is a slang word for a day-off from work, and more precisely in the case where the one taking ‘rokulipäivä’ has not informed it in advance.

    Hope I have been of help in clarifying the use of these very essential and useful Finnish expressions.

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