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11 January 2006

I can’t begin to express how fortunate I feel that about one week ago in the US, I purchased a new 15” Powerbook, given that yesterday, Steve Jobs introduced the new Intel-based Powerbook which happens to be only about FIVE TIMES FASTER! They were NOT supposed to do that yet! Aaaaaarg!

For all you buggers with blazing new Intel Powerbooks, I wish you an abundance of Revision-1 hardware problems. (Maybe they’ll spontaneously combust!)

In other news, you’ve got to feel for Dan Wood at Karelia Software. A few years ago, Apple stole his thunder by releasing Sherlock, effectively killing Dan’s popular Watson software. For the last couple of years, he’s been diligently working on a new easy-to-use website builder, Sandvox. Well, yesterday Apple released iWeb, which, from what I can tell from the demo, absolutely blows Sandvox out of the water. In Dan’s own words, lightning can apparently strike twice.

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