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Macworld Notes

I can’t begin to express how fortunate I feel that about one week ago in the US, I purchased a new 15″ Powerbook, given that yesterday, Steve Jobs introduced the new Intel-based Powerbook which happens to be only about FIVE TIMES FASTER! They were NOT supposed to do that yet! Aaaaaarg!

For all you buggers with blazing new Intel Powerbooks, I wish you an abundance of Revision-1 hardware problems. (Maybe they’ll spontaneously combust!)

In other news, you’ve got to feel for Dan Wood at Karelia Software. A few years ago, Apple stole his thunder by releasing Sherlock, effectively killing Dan’s popular Watson software. For the last couple of years, he’s been diligently working on a new easy-to-use website builder, Sandvox. Well, yesterday Apple released iWeb, which, from what I can tell from the demo, absolutely blows Sandvox out of the water. In Dan’s own words, lightning can apparently strike twice.

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  1. Stefan Seiz Stefan Seiz

    Since all the Apple Stuff incl. iWeb is always tied to .mac, i believe there’s plenty of room for Sandvox. There must be lot’s of users who want their own domainname and want one click publishing with
    Once the realitydistortionfield cleared we’ll realize what iWeb realy is.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous

    Please consider contacting Apple to see if they’ll honor your wish to get one of the new ‘Books instead of the one you just purchased. Be a pill about it, and you may succeed!

  3. mhenders mhenders

    I tried Sandvox, and here’s the impression I had: If you know enough about web development to fill in the blanks in the Sandvox inspector (e.g. your feed URL), then you’re likely the kind of person that would eventually find Sandvox’s capabilities limiting. And if you don’t know enough about web development to really need something like Sandvox, then you probably won’t know how to fill in the blanks in the inspector.

  4. Olivier Olivier

    Well, given the pathetic offer for web publishing applications (RealMac Software’s RapidWeaver being the only serious one in my opinion) and the dire need for a simple one, it’s really no surprise that several companies thought about developing one at the same time.

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