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What are good colleagues for?

So our design director, Mike Rohde, who knows how miserable I am for having just purchased a new Powerbook one week before Apple’s MacBook Pro announcement (which happens to only be five times faster), decided to have a little fun at my expense tonight. Thanks buddy.

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  1. Stefan Seiz Stefan Seiz

    Matt, being a hardware/gadget fetishist myself, let me calm you down.
    What you have is the latest PowerPC Laptop available, which is pretty fast anyway. For sure it will run NONE Universal Binary applications much faster than the MacBook Pro. And it has a nicer name too.
    So what would a Laptop gain you which is just “theoreticaly” fast? Or can you realy live off the iLife Suite and have no other apps to run on your machine?

    I want one of the latest PowerBook G4s 15″ so badly and prefer it over the MacBook Pro, but i won’t order one unless they fixed the problem with the screens everybody complaints so badly about (horizontal lines).

    Do you have a 15″? Don’t you have the lines too (best viewed with a solid color desktop)?

  2. mhenders mhenders


    TBH, I’m happy with the 15″ G4 Powerbook in most situations. The only time I really run into problems is when I’m encoding. Having bought an iPod video, I’m encoding a lot lately. Before moving to a Powerbook-only arrangement, I was used to a desktop dual-G5, where I could happily encode and work in parallel. On this single-processor G4 Powerbook, this type thing is definetly not comfortable. I basically have to schedule encoding as an overnight activity.

    Regarding the horizontal lines– I think I can see what people refer to, but rather than horizontal lines (which I don’t see at all), I can detect what appears to be the stipple pattern when moving a solid window area around. But, honestly, if I hadn’t been specifically looking for it, I would have never noticed it. It’s definitely not an issue for me at all.

  3. Mike Rohde Mike Rohde

    Matt, thanks for sharing! 🙂

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