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What's the world coming to?

Global Warming: You know it’s a problem. A big problem. And the kind of problem that just sort of creeps up on you. But how you fix it? Equally big problem. Who knows?

My email is sort of the same thing. I’ve spent the last hour cleaning, and my “Actionable Inbox” is down to 30 mails. My “Holding” box has 60. And my “Waiting for…” box also has 60. My Spam box has 4830 messages, accumulated over the *last 30 days*. (Spam Sieve report 99.5% accuracy, which means some 24 messages in there are probably good. I’m not going looking for them, though.)

So much of my time is now spent processing email. I’d hate to look at a graph of my email processing time per week, over the past five years, in fear of what that might indicate things will be like in another five years.

Maybe Donald Knuth [got it right][1].


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  1. Phil Phil

    Global warming….you are such a hippie. No wonder you live in Europe.

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