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Word Count Journal, and other cool stuff going on at MakaluMedia

18 December 2006

This past year has been really great at MakaluMedia. The company has grown in its core space business, and has moved into a couple of exciting new partnerships in the areas of web infrastructure and applications.

In addition to some new, and really cool, Drupal-based platform work in Europe that I can't talk much about (yet), we've had the awesomely good fortune to have hooked up with a very successful software entrepreneur in the United States, with whom, over the course of 2007, we're going to be building and launching a series of consumer applications that we hope will positively impact people's lives.

The first app will launch on January 1, and is called Word Count Journal:


Word Count Journal is a new blog format where you write one word your first day, two words the second, three words the third, etc. By the end of a non-leap year you’ll have written a total of 66,795 words, more words that most novels.

Read more about it on the Summit weblog!

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