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08 April 2007

Wow, it's been a long time, but I'm back to blogging. Business has been going well, and that's received most of my non-family time, but things are settling down, and some blogging time should free up now.

What's new:

  • Bought an Apple TV and a new Phillips 32" LCD screen. I'm in love! Oh how I'm waiting for the "Connect to iTunes store" button. That'll be all she wrote for me.

  • Finished up The Wade, and it's now on the market. The Wade is Henderson & Henderson's latest home on Georgia's Lake Lanier.

  • Launched the new site back in February. MLK wanted a Flash site, so we architected a hybrid Flash/XHTML/CSS site using Flex and integrating with a back-end Ruby on Rails application. It's one of the most advanced web applications we've built to date! (Dang do we have some rock stars in MakaluMedia!)

  • Won a contract to build a site for some successful people in the US, that's going to make big positive environmental impact. Got a lot of high profile backing. I'm super excited to see where it leads!

  • Had to make a difficult business decision. Hope it was the right one.

  • Gotten heavily into GPS. More on that later...

  • Business wise, made the big decision to reduce our client work in the Spain office, and go for the development and selling of own product. We're brewing on a few ideas, and hope to have the plate clean and ready to start work in September. If you're a Rails developer with a passion for user experience, we'd love to talk to you.

  • Lost my digital camera, and replaced it with a Canon IXUS 850. I love the wide angle!

  • Was requested to make dinner tonight, and had the fun experience of trying to figure out where my wife would have logically stored the pasta sauce. Laundry room next to the vacuum cleaner? (It's been there in the past.) Nope. Behind the paper towels? (been there too...) Nope. "Honey, where's the past sauce?"... "It's either in the laundry room, or behind the paper towels." ... "Uh, no, I've checked there." [hair dryer starts from upstairs...] "Honey? Honey?" Great. Ah ha! Almost behind the coffee machine. Should have been obvious...

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