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Case Logic camera case for my Canon IXUS 850 IS

05 May 2007

Today’s article will likely go down in the annals of blogosphere history as one of the more profound pieces ever written, as I explain why I’m so happy with my new $5 camera case.

I am a tremendous fan of the Canon PowerShot (“IXUS” here in Europe) family of cameras. They are rugged, compact, and take pictures that to my eye rival digital SLRs (especially after a bit of unsharp masking). I’ve owned just about every other generation of this camera, and after my last one was lost, ended up purchasing the latest, IXUS 850 IS, including a fantastic new wide angle lens.

So how did my last camera get lost? Quite simply, it feel out of my cheesy old camera bag. My former bag had a flap that one day allowed my camera to slip out while I was having lunch. (The bag was attached to my Timbuktu messenger bag strap, which I’d left sitting under the table.)

I should have seen that coming, since the same loose flap also caused me to once lose an extra battery.

So today, while browsing around in FNAC, desperate to spend some money as it’s just been so dang long since I’ve bought something (other than my brand new 3 GB memory upgrade kit!!! for my MacBook, from Other World Computing), when I walked pass the digital camera bag section. That’s when it hit me, BAM!, that’s right– I need a new camera bag!

Something else strange happened, something my wife would hardly believe: For the first time in history, the bag that I decided I want, happened to be the cheapest bag on the shelf! So now I’ve got myself the digital camera bag of my dreams, for five bucks.

And that bag is… The Case Logic DesignWorks Function with Style Digital Camera Case (“Sac pour appareil-photo”, for all you French readers, and I know there are many…) The particular model, I’m guessing here, is the QPB11 (that’s the only thing printed on the packaging that remotely looks like a model number.) According the the packaging this baby sports the following features:

  • Holds digital camera (man, how I've been waiting for that one)
  • Form-fit protection (always good, for a number of products...)
  • Detachable lanyard included (I've always wondered about the origin of "lanyard")

But seriously, the reason I like this new bag, is that it has everything I want in a digital camera bag:

  • Super compact
  • Holster strap with a snap
  • Zip closure (no flaps!)
  • Internal pocket for extra battery and memory card
  • Nice logo

I just checked, and Case Logic even have a web page available for the product:

[[[Case Logic Compact Camera Bag]]]

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