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End the flow of unwanted catalogs with Catalog Choice!

10 October 2007

Growing up in the US, I remember how annoying it was to receive commercial sales calls on the telephone late in the evening, when the family was sitting around trying to enjoy some quality time together. This problem was later solved (mostly) through the introduction of the "Do Not Call," registry — a legislated service which marketers must consult before they can call you. If your name is on the "Do Not Call" list, it's illegal for them to call you.

A similar problem exists today with paper catalogs. American consumers are simply inundated with unsolicited, undesired paper catalogs from a multitude of merchants. While receiving these catalogs can be just as annoying as receiving the marketing phone calls, there's a deeper, more concerning problem. The production of the 19 billion paper catalogs sent each year in the US takes a huge toll on the environment.

19 BILLION. We throw around terms daily like million, billion, trillion, without really having a feel for the magnitude of those numbers. Consider this, it takes 11 days for a million seconds to pass. It takes 32 years for a billion seconds to pass! So, 19 billion catalogs -- that's a lot of wasted paper!

Earlier this year, my company MakaluMedia was offered an opportunity to participate in a project backed by some of the US' largest environmental and non-profit organizations to help address this project. Today represents the culmination of several months of hard work on this project, and I'm proud to announce the launch of Catalog Choice:


Catalog Choice is a free service, that allows people to find and opt-out of the undesired catalogs they receive. The concept is very simple; you sign up, search for a catalog you receive, and opt-out. We take care the rest, and in about six weeks' time, you should no longer receive the catalog.

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