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I miss my old Paperport

21 April 2007

Back in 1999 or thereabouts, I had a Paperport, and loved it. It was small scanner that sat between my keyboard and monitor, about the size of a roll of aluminum foil. Anytime you wanted to get a document into the Mac, you just fed the paper into the bottom of the Paperport, and it got spit out the top. So it was a roll-type scanner, as opposed to a flatbed. Getting document scans into your computer couldn’t be easier. It was gray-scale, but that was fine, since the main things I was scanning in were receipts, bank statements, contracts and the like.

At some point, Paperport left the Mac platform, and I’ve not seen anything comparable since then. I’d love to have something that convenient again (but this time, please, a standard format – PDF, jpg or whatever.)

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